Intex Windmill Blow Spray Play Center 57449E Family Kiddie Swimming Pool


Intex Windmill Blow Spray Play Center

Intex Model: 57449

Pool Size: 116 x 76 x 42 Inches

Includes: Slide and 6 Balls

Optional Upgrade: Ground Cloth, Hand Pump

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Windmill Blow Spray Intex Kiddie Play Center Family Pool Description

The Intex Windmill Blow Spray Play Center Pool is a fun kiddie pool with tropical blow-up structures that kids will love. This family swimming pool is 116 inches long, 76 inches wide, and 42 inches tall, which makes a roomy way for kids to enjoy the summer. Kids can try out the water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, and ball game (with 6 colorful fun balls) while splashing around. There is also a 4 inch deep wading pool that is safe for small children. This kiddie swimming pool includes a water slide landing mat for extra padding, a drain plug, and a repair patch kit.

Upgrade this family pool with the optional hand pump and an 8 x 10 pool ground cloth to avoid muddy messes and make set-up quicker.

Specs of Intex Windmill Blow Spray Play Center Pool 57449E - Family Kiddie Pool

  • Approximate Set-up Size: 116 inches long x 76 inches wide x 42 inches tall
  • Includes: Water slide, wading pool, water sprayer and six fun balls for ball game, landing mat for extra padding
  • Features: Wading pool fills to 6.25 inches; Main pool fills to 6 inches (perfect for younger children)
  • Optional Upgrade: Hand air pump, 8 x 10 ground cloth
  • Included: Repair Patch
  • Shipping Weight: 15 lbs