Intex Pool Maintenance Kit with Interchangeable Vacuum and Skimmer Heads


Intex Pool Maintenance Kit

Intex Model: 58958

Features: 94" Telescoping Shaft

Vacuum and Skimmer Head

For 8, 10, 12, 15 ft Above Ground Pools

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Intex Pool Maintenance Kit with Interchangeable Vacuum / Skimmer Description

Cleaning your pool has never been easier with the Intex pool maintenance kit. The 94 inch telescoping aluminum shaft makes cleaning dirt off the bottom of your pool easy. Plus interchangeable vacuum and skimmer heads allow you to switch quickly between sucking up gunk off the bottom to skimming those pesky leaves floating on top.
Instruction Manual: Intex Pool Maintenance Kit

Specs of Intex Pool Maintenance Kit - 58958

  • Includes - 94 inch telescoping aluminum shaft, vacuum and skimmer head attachment
  • Recommended for use with 16 ft or smaller pools
  • Designed to be used without a filter pump
  • Shipping Weight - 4 lbs

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