Intex 8 x 30 Clearview Easy Set Pool with Optional Easy Set Pool Pump and Accessories


Intex 8 x 30 Clearview Easy Set Pool

Intex Model: 54910

Pool Size: 8 ft x 30 in

Water Capacity (80%) - 639 gal.

Optional 530 gph Filter Pump

Shipping: $14.87 UPS Ground

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Clearview Easy Set 8 x 30 Intex Above Ground Pool Set Description

The Intex 8 x 30 Clearview Easy Set Swimming Pool will have you beating the summer heat in minutes. This pool is 8 feet wide and 30 inches deep, making it just the right size for your family. It's especially great for the little ones to practice their swimming skills. In just 10 minutes, it can be set up and ready for water. This swimming pool is available in three pool packages guaranteed to fit anyone's pool budget: (Pool Set 1) 8x30 Pool Only Set (Pool Set 2) 8x30 Pool + 530 gph Filter Pump Set (Pool Set 3) 8x30 Pool + 530 gph Filter Pump, 6 filter cartridge replacements, cleaning kit, pool cover and 8x10 ground cloth.
Instruction Manuals: Easy Set Pool | 530 Filter Pump | Cleaning Kit

Specs of Intex Swimming Pool 54910EG - 8x30 Easy Set Clearview Pool Set

  • Approximate Set-up Size: 8 feet wide x 30 inches deep
  • Water Capacity (80%): 639 gallons (2,419 L)
  • Shipping Weight: 14 lbs to 31 lbs
  • Ready for Water: 10 Minutes
  • Filter Pump Optional: 530 gph filter pump upgrade. Includes one pre-installed filter cartridge
  • Filter Pump Output: 530 gallons per hour (2,006 L)
  • Optional Upgrade: 8 x 10 ground cloth, pool cover, instructional DVD, case pack upgrade of 6 replacement filters
  • Cleaning Kit: Optional upgrade includes 94 inch telescoping shaft with interchangeable vacuum and skimmer heads
  • Ladder: Not Available

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