Intex Sand Filter and Pump 1600 gph / 0.5 hp Krystal Clear Pool Filter


Intex 1600 Gallon Sand Filter Pump

Intex Model: 56673EG

1/2 HP Motor Pumps 1600 gal/hr

All-In-One: Filters and Chlorinates Water

Fits 16, 18, 20 ft Intex Pools and More

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Intex 1,600 gph Sand Filter Pump 56673EG 14 Inch Krystal Clear 0.5 hp Filter Pump Description

The Intex 1,600 gph Sand Filter Pump uses a powerful 0.5 hp motor to quickly and efficiently provide Krystal Clear water for 16 to 20 foot Intex Pools. Intex Sand Pool Filters have long been recognized as one of the best and easiest pool filtration options because of their low operating cost. Avoid the hassle and cost of constantly changing expensive filter cartridges with this sand filter pump. Not only does the all-natural, inexpensive sand do an excellent job of filtering particles, it needs replacement only once every 5 years. The Intex 14 inch Sand Swimming Pool Filter Pump is controlled automatically with a built-in 24-hour timer that allows you to preset 2 to 12 hour filtering cycles that makes daily operations carefree. This helps you keep your pool clean even while you are away on trips plus saves energy and extends the life of your filter pump. All hoses and clamps needed to install the Intex 1/2 hp Sand Filter pump to your pool are included. Sand is NOT included. Pump requires about 55 lbs of No. 20 grade silica sand that can be easily purchased at any local hardware store. Installation of the 1,600 Gallon Sand Filter Pump is easy, just add sand, hook-up the hoses, plug it in and go. This Intex Sand Pool Filter pumps 1,600 gallons of water per hour which will provide fast filtration for all Intex pools with 1-1/2 inch filter hoses with threaded hose connections. Fits Intex 18 foot Easy Set Pools, 18 foot Metal Frame Pools, 20 x 12 foot Oval Frame pools and Intex 16 - 24 foot Ultra Frame Round and Rectangular Pools. This Intex filter pump is a perfect replacement pump for the Intex 1,500 gph filter pump. Includes 2 year manufacturer warranty.
Instruction Manual: Intex 1600 Gallon Sand Filter

Specs of Intex 0.5 hp Sand Filter Pump 56673EG - Krystal Clear 1600 gph Sand Pool Filter

  • Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump Model 56673EG
  • Powerful Pump 0.5 HP Pump - Flow rate of 1,600 gallons per hour
  • Sand Filter Pump help you avoid the cost of constantly changing expensive filter cartridges
  • Built-In Pump Timer - 24 hour timer automatically cleans your pool everyday even if you're away on vacation
  • 14 inch Tank Diameter - Requires about 55 lbs of No. 20 grade silica sand
  • Sand NOT included but can be easily purchased inexpensively at any local hardware store
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes GFCI Breaker (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) that will quickly shuts off the electricity to prevent electrical shocks
  • Includes all hoses and clamps needed to install to your pool with 1.5 inch hose fittings
  • Fits Intex 18 ft Easy Set and Metal Frame Pools
  • Fits 16 - 18 ft Ultra Frame Pools
  • Also fits 18 x 9 ft Ultra Frame and 20 x 12 ft Oval Frame Pools
  • Perfect replacement filter pump for the Intex 1,500 gph filter pump
  • Six Function Control: filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain and close system
  • Includes skimmer basket that makes cleaning easy and prolongs life of sand
  • Ergonomic handle for easier operation
  • Heavy duty tank and durable pump enclosure for more protection
  • Easy Setup! just add sand, hook-up the hoses, plug it in and go
  • Touch-sensitive control panel allows users to pre-program operating hours
  • Keypad locking system ensures settings are not changed
  • Shipping Weight - 50 lbs

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