Intex 15 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Set with 1,000 gph Filter Pump - Optional Pump Upgrades


Intex 15 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex Model: 28235EH

Pool Size: 15 ft x 48 in

Water Capacity (90%) - 4,440 gal.

1,000 gph Filter Pump (Upgrades Avail.)

Shipping: $98.87 UPS Ground

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Metal Frame 15 x 48 Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Set Description

The Intex 15' x 48" Metal Frame pools is easy to assemble: simply lock in the joints and your pool is ready for water in 45 minutes. (Ensure you fill the pool on a level surface.) The bottom is designed to be puncture-resistant constructed of 3-ply material. Bigger than the starter pools, 15 feet is a great middle size for young swimmers or pool parties. Included with the purchase of this pool are some necessary items to make pool ownership easier. A cover prevents debris from falling into the pool. The 48" ladder can be pulled out so children are never unsupervised when they're swimming. If you have any questions, just watch the instructional DVD or any of the videos on our site. Once you place your order, it leaves our warehouse within 24 hours. This swimming pool is available in four pool packages guaranteed to fit anyone's pool budget: (Pool Set 1) 15' x 48" Pool + 1,000 gph Filter Pump (Pool Set 2) 15' x 48" Pool + 1,000 gph Filter Pump and Timer (Pool Set 3) 15' x 48" Pool + 1,200 gph Sand Filter Pump (Pool Set 4) 15' x 48" Pool + 1,200 Saltwater System.

Instruction Manuals: Metal Frame Pool | 1000 Filter Pump | 1200 Sand Filter Pump | 1200 Salt Water Filter Pump | Ladder

Specs of Intex Swimming Pool 28235EH- 15 x 48 Metal Frame Pool Set

  • Item Number: 28235EH
  • Approximate Set-up Size: 15' wide x 48" deep
  • Water Capacity: 4,440 gallons (16,805 L)
  • Ready for Water: 45 minutes
  • Standard Pump: 1,000 gph Filter Pump
  • Pump Upgrade Options: 1,200 gph Sand Filter Pump or 1,200 Saltwater System
  • Optional Upgrades: Upgrade to a sand filter or saltwater system for more efficient filtering options
  • Ladder: 48" ladder included
  • Shipping Weight: 158 - 193 lbs
  • Includes: Repair patch, instructional DVD, ground cloth, and pool cover

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