Intex 1000 Gallon Filter Pump Krystal Clear


Intex 1000 gph Pool Filter (No GFCI)

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Water Flow Rate: 1,000 gal/hr

Type: Cartridge Filter Pump

Fits 10, 12, 15 ft Intex Pools and More

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Intex Krystal Clear 1,000 Gallon Pool Filter Pump Description

The Intex 1000 gph filter pump is one of the most popular Krystal Clear Filters because it works with most Intex swimming pools. This filter pumps 1,000 gallons of water per hour which will provide fast filtration for all 8 to 15 ft Intex pools and the 18 x 10 x 42 Oval Frame Pool. Installation is easy, just hook-up the hoses, plug it in and go. A pre-installed type A filter cartridge and all hoses and clamps needed to install this pump to your pool are included. The Intex 1,000 gph filter cartridge pump is a perfect replacement for the 1,000 gph filter pump because it will filter your pool in half the time. Add a case (6 Pack) of Type A filter cartridges and you'll have enough replacement filters for the whole summer. Plus if you really want to make pool maintenance a breeze, add a 24-hour timer that will automatically clean your pool every day. A GFCI safety switch that prevents potential shocks is not included in this system. Purchase a 1000 gallon filter pump with a GFCI safety switch. This filter pump fits any pool that uses 1-1/4 inch (1.25in) diameter hoses such as Aqua Leisure, Summer Escapes, Bestway, Sand N Sun, Wet Set, Easy Set, Frame Set, Quick Set, Fast Set and Simple Set above ground pools as well as Sand N Sun 8 to 16 foot diameter pools.
Instruction Manual: Intex 1000 Gallon Filter

Specs of Intex Pool Filter Pump - Krystal Clear 1000 gph Filter Pump

  • Water flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour
  • Recommended for Intex 8 - 15 foot pools. Also fits Intex 18 x 10 ft Oval Frame Pools
  • Fits Sun N Sand 16 ft diameter pools as well as 8-15 ft Aqua Leisure, Summer Escapes, Bestway Pools
  • Perfect replacement filter pump for pools with 530 or 800 gph pumps where a pump upgrade would make pool filtering faster
  • Easy Installation just hook-up hoses, plug it in and go
  • Includes all hoses and clamps needed to install to your pool
  • Includes 1 pre-installed Type A filter cartridge
  • Optional Upgrade - Six replacement Type A filter cartridges
  • Pool Filter Timer - Optional Upgrade
  • Double insulated pump
  • Air release valve for air trapped inside filter chamber
  • Sediment flush valve at bottom of filter chamber
  • GFCI Breaker NOT Included (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) that quickly shuts off the electricity to prevent electrical shocks
  • Shipping Weight - 7.3 lbs

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