Sand Filter
Frequent Questions

Sand Filter Pump Frequently Asked Questions

How much sand does the INTEX Sand Filter require?

How does a sand filter system work?

How do I remove fine suspended particles?

Why is it necessary to backwash the filter media during the initial setup startup and how long I should backwash the media?

Can I use playground sand or sand from the beach in my sand filter system?

Water is present in the drain/waste outlet port or sediment transparent window, is this normal?

Does the sand filter pump system include hoses or other fittings to attach to an INTEX swimming pool?

What is the warranty period of the INTEX sand filter pump system?

What should I do when water is leaking from the flange clamp?

What type and size of media should I use with the INTEX Sand Filter system?

What size of sand filter pumps does INTEX distribute and what are the specifications?

What size and type of swimming pools is the sand filter pump system suitable for?

How do I verify if the pressure gauge is faulty?

What should I do if sand is returning to the pool during filtering operation?

After loading the filter media into the tank and setting up everything, the water does not flow into the tank after opening the plunger valves (or removing the black hat-shape plugs) and setting the 6-way valve in filter mode?

What is the advantage of using a sand filter pump versus a cartridge filter pump?

My sand filter pump system fails to clean the water properly, do I have the right size for my above ground pool?

What should I do when water is leaking from the pre-filter cover?

How often should I change the sand in my filter?

How many functions does the INTEX sand filter control valve have and what are the functions?

The sand filter fails to clean the water properly, and the water is still cloudy?

How do I handle the glass media?

How often should the glass media be replaced?