Easy Set Pool
Frequent Questions

Easy Set Pool Frequently Asked Questions

What AGP sizes of Easy-Set pools are available? What are the water capacity and water depth?

What should I do if my top-ring does not hold air?

Is there a repair patch/kit enclosed for liner repair?

What other surfaces can be safely used to set up my INTEX Easy Set Pool?

How high can I fill the pool?

How much air should be used to inflate the top ring?

How do I prevent dirt and grime from getting into the pool water?

Should I leave my pool outside in snow or freezing winter?

What is the steepest slope that I am able to set up my pool on?

Do you recommend using chemicals? If so, what kind?

Is it safe for my pets to play in the pool?

How often should the water be changed?

How long does it take to fill the pool with water?

What should I do to avoid puncturing the top ring?

How can I prevent black stains around the water level on the top ring?

What might be the problem when the top ring deflates one day after it has been inflated?

Can I set the pool up on a concrete patio?

What could cause the Easy Set pool to be lopsided?

Does the ladder, ground cloth and / or cover comes with the pool?

Can the pool be left up year-round?

How do I drain the pool?

Can grass grow through the ground cloth and / or pool liner?

How do I prevent the pool from damaging grass, lawn or prevent fungi from developing on concrete?

Does the liner requires any special care to ensure durability?

How much does water cost to fill the pool?

How does UV affect the materials used?

Is it safe to lean over, lie down, or sit on top of the pool's inflatable top ring?

Is a fence or enclosure required by law?

What is needed to prepare a site for the pool?

Would excessive pool chemicals affect / cause deterioration to liners?

What should I use to clean my pool before storing it for the winter?

Is it safe to jump or dive into the pool off of a ladder or any type of platform?

Do I need to keep safety and rescue equipment on hand near my pool?

What material is the pool made of?

Why do I find algae in my pool even when I run my filter pump regularly?

When filling my Intex Easy Set pool with water, I noticed the top ring is sitting on the inside of the pool wall rather than outside and on top of the wall, is this a manufacture defect, if not how I can correct this without emptying and refilling the pool with water again?